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#19 – Building a House of Belonging – with Tanisha Robinson: What’s it like to find your path of authentic service in the world? What if you could use the pain of the past, pain of not knowing where you fit in, of not knowing where you belong to propel you toward work that makes a difference? What if you could create a place of belonging?

#23 – With a Little More Care – Entrepreneur Growth & Development – with Sherman Lee:

We spend so much time looking at where we aren’t or where others have gone that we don’t fully appreciate where we are and how much we’ve grown on the journey. As entrepreneurs, we can get so lost in what is needed to be done, that we fail to recognize how much we can grow and develop over time.

#29 – Who’s in Your Corner? – with Carrie Barry: Carrie Barry is a former Olympic Boxer and entrepreneur who owns and runs a boxing gym in Boulder where people come to break a sweat, get a hug, and learn some valuable life lessons. She’s proven resilient, stitching the struggles of her past into the fabric of her being and choosing to appreciate and utilize that pain in the work she does today.